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Getting started: Rectxt team members
Getting started: Rectxt team members

How to set up your new Rectxt account

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Note: this is for members who have been invited to an existing Rectxt team. If you'd like to create a new Rectxt team then you're in the wrong place. Click here instead.

We've made it incredibly easy for new users to set up their Rectxt account so that they can start texting with candidates within minutes (literally!). Here's how you do it:

1) Download the Rectxt Chrome extension by clicking HERE or the badge below:

2) Create your account:

3) Pick your new texting number:

4) Toggle Call forwarding and enter your cell phone number (or any number that you want a call forwarded to if your candidate calls your new Rectxt texting number)

5) Set your timezone to be used for scheduled messages

ps: don't forget to click 'Save'!

6) Start texting!

Click the relevant link below for instructions on how to text candidates from your ATS:

If you get stuck or have any questions then click the Support tab to message us directly and we'll help you out :)

Happy texting!

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