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Getting started: Rectxt Team plans and Freshteam
Getting started: Rectxt Team plans and Freshteam

Follow these steps to get your Rectxt Team plan set up and integrated with Freshteam.

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  • if you are a Rectxt team member (non-Admin) who is part of an existing Rectxt team plan then please click here instead.

  • if you are looking to set up a Personal plan then please click here instead.

Follow these steps to get your Rectxt Team plan set up and integrated with Freshteam in minutes:

1) Download the Rectxt Chrome extension

Tip: Pin the Rectxt chrome extension to your browser by clicking the thumbtack 'pin' icon that appears when you click the puzzle peice icon at the top right of your Chrome browser

2) Click 'Sign up' to create your account

Note: if you are not automatically directed to our sign up page then click here.

3) Choose Monthly or Annual Team Unlimited plan

Toggle between 'Annual' and 'Monthly' to see different plans.

4) Select how texting seats you'd like and enter promocode 'freshteamfriends'

5) Pick a phone number by entering your area code. If you don't plan on using one of your texting seats then click 'Skip for now'

OPTIONAL: Turn on call forwarding and enter the phone number that you'd like to receive phone calls to if a candidate calls your Rectxt texting number:

6) Integrate your account with Freshteam by following these steps

7) Invite your team members via the 'Team' tab and clicking 'Send invite'.

IMPORTANT: make sure you use the EXACT email address of each of your team members and check for any spelling mistakes.

To invite new team members simply navigate to the Team tab and click on the 'Send invite' button where you can add your team members 1 at a time via email:

The new team member will receive an email notifying them that they've been invited to join your Rectxt team with a link to create their account and pick their texting number. Once the new team member finishes creating their account it will be displayed in your team list.


  • sometime these emails go to junk/spam folders so ask your recruiters to check these folders if they don't see the invite.

  • Once each recruiter has been invited they don't technically need to receive the email before they can join. As long as the email address matches the email address in your Team tab then they can create their account and they will automatically join your team.

You can also purchase new seats and remove unused seats as your team expands or contracts over time.

8) Share the following walk-through article with the team members that you have invited:

9) Book your group training by using our calendly link.

If you run into any issue you can always click on the help bot at the bottom right of the Account Settings page

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