NOTE: If you are setting up a Rectxt Team Plan then click here.

Follow these steps to get your Rectxt Personal plan set up and integrated with Freshteam in minutes:

1) Download the Rectxt Chrome extension

Tip: Pin the Rectxt chrome extension to your browser by clicking the thumbtack 'pin' icon that appears when you click the puzzle piece icon at the top right of your Chrome browser

2) Click 'Sign up' to create your account

Note: if you are not automatically directed to our sign up page then click here.

3) Select your Personal Unlimited plan

Toggle between 'Annual' and 'Monthly' to see different plan options.

4) Enter promocode 'freshteamfriends' to recieve a 20% discount on your plan:

5) Pick a phone number by entering your area code.

6) Integrate your account with Freshteam by following these steps

7) Start texting! Click here to learn how to send text messages from Freshteam.

If you run into any issue you can always click on the help bot at the bottom right of the Account Settings page

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