Note: for Team plans, only the Rectxt Admin will need to integrate their account with Freshteam. Once this is done then all other members in the Rectxt will automatically be integrated moving forward.

Integrating your team's Freshteam ATS with Rectxt will allow users to send individual texts and launch mass messages directly from within Freshteam with all conversations instantly being saved in the Comments section of each candidate profile. This means that any user on the Freshteam user can view and read text a log of all text message conversations with candidates at any time.

Connecting Rectxt Admin account with your Freshteam Account is easy and takes seconds . All you’ll need is your Freshteam domain name and your Freshteam API key.



BEFORE YOU START: Copy your Freshteam API key to your clipboard which can be found by clicking your account profile in the top-right corner and then following the prompts:

1. Access the Integration tab of your Rectxt settings page (click here) and click on the Freshteam logo.

2. Toggle the enable button to 'On' and enter your Freshteam domain name then paste in your API key and click 'connect'.

Note: If your Freshteam’s account url is “”, “acmecorp” is your domain name.

3. Within a couple of seconds you should see this page:

Now you and your team are ready to start texting candidates directly from Freshteam!

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