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VOIP calling shortcut
VOIP calling shortcut

We've made it easy to call candidates from your VOIP line directly from Rectxt

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If you use an Android or VOIP app such as Zoom, MS teams, Webex, VXT etc to make calls with candidates then you can now call them directly from Rectxt. Here's how you do it:

IMPORTANT NOTE: this is NOT the same as calling candidates from your Rectxt number (this is not currently possible to do).

1) Toggle on VOIP Calling in the extension settings

2) Find the 'VOIP call' in 3 dot kabob menu in the CHATS tab, or the phone icon in the CANDIDATES tab

3) Choose your VOIP App

Plus we have Call Forwarding...

We also have a call forwarding feature which means that if a candidate calls your Rectxt texting number you can choose where that call gets forwarded to.

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