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Call Forwarding feature explained
Call Forwarding feature explained

Never miss a phone call from a candidate trying to call your texting number

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Each Rectxt account comes with a texting number which a recruiter will choose when they set up their account for the first time. While the Rectxt number cannot make outgoing calls, you can receive calls to it via our call forwarding feature.

Here's how it works:

If a candidate happens to call your Rectxt texting number then you can choose another 10 digit US or Canadian number to receive that call. For example, a Rectxt user may decide to forward all calls to their personal cell phone, or desk phone, or VOIP number, or front desk.

Setting up Call Forwarding is super easy = simply toggle Call Forwarding to 'ON' in your Account Page, enter the phone number that you want to receive calls to, and then click SAVE.

In this example below, if a candidate calls my Rectxt number (236 900-0144) then my cell phone will ring (604 779-9114).

Note: the candidate will not see the call forwarding number so you'll be able to keep your personal phone number private and confidential.

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