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Chrome extension 'Oh no' error troubleshooting steps
Chrome extension 'Oh no' error troubleshooting steps

Follow these steps to resolve the 'oh no' extension error message

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If you're getting the 'Oh no ๐Ÿ˜ต' error pop up in the Rectxt chrome extension then try these steps to resolve it:

Before you start:

  • make sure that you have picked your Rectxt texting number,

  • have your time zone set & saved.

Step 1: Log out of your Rectxt account by clicking 'Log out' here.

Step 2: Re-install the Rectxt chrome browser by clicking 'Remove from Chrome' and then 'Add to Chrome'. Click here to get to the Chrome store.

Step 3: Sign into your Rectxt account as usual.

Step 4: Completely close and then open your browser window to refresh everything.

Step 5: Try texting again. If you're still having issues with Rectxt, contact our support team via the 'Support' tab here.

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