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How to set up and use Onboarding sequences
How to set up and use Onboarding sequences

How to set up and use our Onboarding sequence feature

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Rectxt users can schedule up to 5 text messages to be delivered in a time-driven sequence based on the start date of the candidate.

This screenshot shows an example of how those 5 messages can be arranged to engage with the candidate before, on, and after the start date:

How to create and configure your own Onboarding sequence:

1) Navigate to the Automations tab and click the 'Onboarding' tab

2) Choose how many days before/after the start date sent, and what time of the day you'd like the message to be sent. In this example the message will go out 14 days before the start date at 3:30pm in the afternoon.

3) Give your Onboarding template a descriptive name, create the message, and then click 'Save'

4) Repeat those steps and build your Onboarding sequence!

How to active Onboarding for your candidates:

To set the onboarding sequence for your candidate simply click the 3 dots ('kebab menu' icon) in the chat page of the candidate and click 'Onboarding' and then follow the prompts to set the date and confirm the messages to be scheduled:

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