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Setting Interview Reminders from Lever
Setting Interview Reminders from Lever

How to set Interview Reminders from Lever

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Before you start: make sure that you have toggled Interview Reminders to ON and have confirmed the templates and times via the Automations page.

Our Interview Reminders feature allows you to easily schedule automated text message reminders to the candidate for the 'Day before' AND/OR the 'Morning of' the interview.

Step 1: Click the 'Remind' button that appears next to a candidate's interview activity in Lever

Step 2: Select the interview date

Step 3: OPTIONAL: review the texts and toggle one off if you don't wish to send both text reminders.

Step 4: Click 'Confirm'

To view and delete the Interview Reminders click on the scheduled texts icon and click the trash can for any messages that you want to delete.

Watch this video to see how to set the Interview Reminders and then view and delete them:

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