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How to create scheduled messages
How to create scheduled messages

Step-by-step instructions on how to schedule messages to be sent out in the future.

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All scheduled messages will be sent out based on the timezone that you set in your account settings page.

You can now schedule text messages to be sent out automatically at a date and time that you choose. Here's a quick video with detailed steps below it:

1) Create your message (templates can be used too!) and click the 'Schedule message' button:

2) Select the date and time for when you'd like the message to be sent and click 'NEXT'

3) Confirm the message and date/time are correct and click 'SCHEDULE SEND'

4) To view your scheduled messages click on the 'Schedule messages' icon OR you can use the 'SCHEDULED' filter:

Deleting scheduled messages

Sometimes things change and you no longer need the scheduled messages to be delivered. To delete a scheduled message simply click on the trash icon next to the message you need removed and confirm the deletion:

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