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How to integrate Recruitee ATS to Rectxt
How to integrate Recruitee ATS to Rectxt

ADMINS ONLY: Follow these 3 easy steps to set up the API integration between your Recruitee ATS & Rectxt

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Integrating Rectxt with Recruitee will allow your team to do the following:

  • Text candidates instantly from their ATS profile with all sent/received conversations automatically logging as a note in the candidate record.

  • Launch mass messages to group of up to 50 candidates at a time.

Note: only 1 Rectxt Admin needs to integrate their account with Recruitee. Once this is done, all other Rectxt team members will also be integrated.

Here's how to integrate Rectxt with Recruitee in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Visit the Integrations tab and click on the Recruitee logo

Step 2: Find and copy your subdomain name and API key by following these steps

Step 3: Enter the subdomain name and paste API key into the fields and then click 'Connect'.

It should now show your integration status as 'Connected'



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