Inviting team members:

MPORTANT: make sure you use the EXACT email address of each of your team members and check for any spelling mistakes.

To invite new team members simply navigate to the Team tab and click on the 'Send invite' button where you can add your team members 1 at a time via email:

The new team member will receive an email notifying them that they've been invited to join your Rectxt team with a link to create their account and pick their texting number. Once the new team member finishes creating their account it will be displayed in your team list.


  • sometime these emails go to junk/spam folders so ask your recruiters to check these folders if they don't see the invite.

  • Once each recruiter has been invited they don't technically need to receive the email before they can join. As long as the email address matches the email address in your Team tab then they can create their account and they will automatically join your team.

You can also purchase new seats and remove unused seats as your team expands or contracts over time.

Cancelling/resending invites:

To cancel or resend invites click on the team member's email address and then select either 'Resend invite' or 'Cancel invite'

Removing team members:

You can easily remove existing team members by clicking on the team member that you want to remove and click 'Remove'. This will leave an vacant seat which you can refill by inviting a new team member.

Members who are removed will loose access to their Rectxt account immediately.

Adding/deleting seats:

You can add and delete seats as your team changes size. To add more seats to your team click 'Purchase seats' and then select how many seats you'd like to add. Your registered credit card will automatically be charged.

Deleting seats from your account is just as easy - simply click 'Delete seat'.

Happy texting!

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