1) Download the Rectxt Chrome extension

Tip: Pin the Rectxt chrome extension to your browser by clicking the thumbtack 'pin' icon that appears when you click the puzzle piece icon at the top right of your Chrome browser

2) Click 'Sign up' to create your account

3) Choose Monthly or Annual Team Unlimited plan

4) Select how texting seats you'd like to add to your team and enter your credit card details

5) Pick a phone number by entering your area code (If you don't plan on using one of your texting seats then click 'Skip for now')

6) Integrate your account with Greenhouse by following these steps

Note: because you're the Admin, once you integrate your account with Greenhouse it means that all of the recruiters who join your team will automatically be integrated also.

7) AFTER YOU HAVE INTEGRATED YOUR ACCOUNT - Invite your team members via the 'Team' tab and clicking 'Send invite'.

Each member you invite will receive an email with instructions on how to join your Rectxt Team (ask them to check their spam/junk folders if they don't receive it).

8) Book your group training by using our calendly link.

If you run into any issue you can always click on the help bot at the bottom right of the Account Settings page

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