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How to integrate JobAdder ATS with Rectxt
How to integrate JobAdder ATS with Rectxt

Follow these simple steps to integrate JobAdder to Rectxt

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Integrating your JobAdder ATS with Rectxt will allow recruiters to send individual texts and launch text campaigns directly from within JobAdder with all conversations instantly being saved under each candidate profile as an activity. This means that any JobAdder user can view and read a log of all sent and received text message conversations with candidates at any time.

Note: only 1 Rectxt Admin needs to integrate their account with JobAdder.

Step 1: Go to the Integrations tab and click the JobAdder logo

Step 2: Click 'Connect' and authenticate your account

Step 3: Refresh your JobAdder page then open a contact profile and click on any blue Rectxt icon to launch the Chrome extension and start texting.

If you have any trouble please use the support section of the setting page and we'll figure it out together :)

Happy Texting!

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