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How to integrate SmartRecruiters ATS to Rectxt
How to integrate SmartRecruiters ATS to Rectxt

Follow these easy steps to set up the API integration between your SmartRecruiters ATS & Rectxt

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Note: only the Rectxt Admin needs to integrate their Rectxt account with SmartRecruiters.

Integrating your SmartRecruiters ATS with Rectxt will allow users to send individual texts and launch mass texts directly from within SmartRecruiters with all conversations instantly being saved under each candidate profile within the ATS.

Users simply need to generate a Client ID and Secret from SmartRecruiters and copy/paste it into the integrations tab. Here is the step-by-step breakdown:

Step 1. Get your SmartRecruiters Client ID and Clients Secret:

1.1 Access your settings

1.2 Click 'Apps & integrations'

1.3 Under 'Credentials' tab click 'NEW CREDENTIAL'

1.4 Select 'OAuth client ID'

1.5 Enter a name and description and tick the boxes:

  • Access candidates (candidate_read)

  • Access info (user_me_read)

  • Message users (messages_write)

Then click GENERATE

1.6 Copy the Client ID and Clients Secret to your clipboard

Step 2: Enter your Client ID and Clients Secret

2.1 Click SmartRecruiters logo in your Integrations tab and paste the Client Id and Clients Secret

Your Rectxt account should now be connected to your SmartRecruiters account, and you'll see the ATS logo in the menu.



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