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How to find your API key: SmartRecruiters ATS
How to find your API key: SmartRecruiters ATS
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If you're not already an admin, you'll need to contact a SmartRecruiter user in your organization with Admin level permissions that can set API credential management permission to your account. To get an API key you'll need to be set up as an Admin or help from an Admin.

****If you're already an admin skip to Step 2.

Step 1: Getting set up as an admin

Click the menu (your photo or initials) in the top right corner. And select "Settings/ Admin".

Have the admin, go to Permissions > User Management.

Then find your profile by either scrolling or searching your name.

Click Edit. Edit user will popup and select > User role, toggle down to Admin.

Step 2:

Return to your Menu. Scroll down to Configuration and select API / Integrations

Scroll to the bottom, if you do not have any other integrations which require an API Key, you can create a new API Key. If you do have other integrations we suggest talking to your admin for assistance.

You'll be asked to confirm this. Press Confirm.

Copy your new key to your clipboard and return to Rectxt Settings Page.

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