Integrating your team's Greenhouse ATS with Rectxt will allow users to send individual texts and launch text campaigns directly from within Greenhouse with all conversations instantly being saved under each candidate profile within the ATS. This means that any user on the Greenhouse account can view and read text a log of all text message conversations with candidates at any time.

Connecting Rectxt with your Greenhouse Account is easy. All you’ll need is your email address and your Greenhouse API key which can be provided by your Greenhouse rep, or can be generated by the SuperUser of your company Greenhouse account. 



BEFORE YOU START:  Copy your Greenhouse API key to your clipboard (get this from your Greenhouse Rep or your team's SuperUser). Not sure how to get your API key. Here's how. Follow these steps and you'll be texting candidates through Greenhouse in minutes!

1. Click here or Access the Rectxt settings page by clicking the 3 kebab dots in the top right of the Rectxt extension

2. Go to your Rectxt Settings page and click on the Greenhouse logo in the 'INTEGRATIONS' tab

3. Toggle the enable button and enter your Greenhouse email address. Then paste in your API key and click 'connect'. 


4.  Your Rectxt account is now integrated to your Greenhouse Account :)

5. Refresh your Greenhouse page then open a contact profile and click on the Rectxt icon to launch the Chrome extension and start texting. You can also text candidates by clicking on the Rectxt icon in the browser extension tray (both will work!)

If you have any trouble the please use the support section at the bottom of the setting page and we'll figure it out together :)

Happy Texting!

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