There are 2 ways that a Candidate can be opted-out and opted-in to receiving text messages. This article will focus #2:

  1. Automatically: by replying STOP, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE to opt-out; and replying START to opt back in.

  2. Manually: at the request of the Candidate, you can manually opt-out and opt-in a Candidate through the chrome extension.

How to opt-out a candidate through the extension:

Click the 'opt-out' icon next to the Candidate's phone number and SAVE CHANGES:

How to opt a candidate back IN through the extension:

Click the red opt-out icon toggle it off and SAVE CHANGES:

Note: If a candidate has self-selected to opt-out by replying STOP, UNSUBSCRIBE, or CANCEL then you will not be able to opt them back in manually. 

Instead, you will need to instruct them to reply START to your Rectxt Number.

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