Sending 1:1 text messages

Recruiters can text new candidates from any screen where a candidate's phone number is displayed. All you need to do is click on the highlighted phone number and the Rectxt chrome extension will automatically open and import the candidate's details:

If you are already texting with a candidate then Rectxt will automatically open up the Chats tab so you can continue your conversation with ease.

Sending 1:Many Text Messages (Mass Messages)

Recruiters can send group text messages (we call them Mass Messages) to multiple candidates at once directly from a page with bulk-action functionality (ability to click multiple candidates at the same time as seen below). These messages convert to 1:1 messages when the candidate responds so they won't know they're part of a group message.

Whenever candidate list is displayed simply select the candidates that you'd like to send a Mass Message to and then click on the Rectxt Chrome extension icon in your browser tray. Don't forget to use the custom fields to make your message more personal!

The maximum amount of candidates that you can send in a Mass Message is 50. The more candidates you add to the Mass Message, the longer it will take for it to finish sending the text messages to everyone.


Reach out anytime via the support tab in the settings page.

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