When giving demo's and talking to our customers we are occasionally asked, do you have short codes? We explain that we don't at this time, and while we might explore short codes in the future I wanted to share some of the reasons why.

1:  Rectxt has been purposefully designed as a tool for smaller hiring teams and independent recruiters (who we feel are underserved by great tech). 

2: Related to #1, Rectxt is designed to be a communication tool between one recruiter and the candidates they communicate with. Short codes are designed for super high volume texting. 

3: Short codes cost us $650 (USA) and $1000 (Canada) to set up, then there is the cost of $11,000 a year for a random short code, or $16,500 for a custom (vanity) short code. These are our costs which we'd have to pass over to you as the end user. 

All this aside, if you're keen on short code we'll never say never and we might be open to doing some custom development... just ask.

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