We know we've built an awesome product and one of the best ways to get it out into the recruitment universe is to give it away for free (not surprisingly!).

If you're one of the lucky ones then I'd like to welcome you to a special club made up of friends and recruitment experts - all of whom your opinion and feedback really matters to us! Our only ask is that you share you honest feedback with us (the good, the bad, and the ugly) - this will help us to improve the product for our customers.

Here's a step-by-step guide on what you need to do once we've informed your that your new free Rectxt account is ready to do:

  1. Download the chrome extension from here or clicking the badge below

2. Open the chrome extension and click 'Log In'


3. Enter your email address and password we've given you

4. Access the Settings page via the vertical kebab in the top right of the extension and clicking the cog icon. You can also access the Settings page by clicking 'Log In' on our website www.rectxt.com

5. Get your new Rectxt phone number by entering in your area code and selecting a number (don't forget to click 'Save Number'). Note: if no numbers are available from your first preferred area code then try another area code in the same State or Province (we have numbers in all States and Provinces but not all area codes).

6. Import me from LinkedIn and send me a text!
Visit my Linkedin profile and open the Rectxt extension over my profile and you'll see my first name, last name, company, and phone number are automatically populated. Click 'IMPORT' and then 'TEXT NOW' and say hello :)

Note: a candidate opt-out message is automatically attached to the first text that you send a candidate (this helps with TCPA compliance). This feature can be toggled on/off and the message customized via the 'Message Settings' tab in the Settings page. Some of our customers like to edit this into a signature also - e.g - Brian @ Rectxt Recruiting.

Mobile App:

Our mobile app was recently released in Google and Apple Stores. Download it for your OS and login with your Rectxt account username and password - we'd love your feedback on the mobile app also!

Virtual Demo:

If you have a spare 7 minutes to spare then you can watch a walk through of the main features of the platform here: 

If you have any questions at all then please reach out to me directly at brian@rectxt.com :)

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