We are happy to support any recruiter who is hiring for essential service industries with 2 months of free access to Rectxt. And don't forget: you can cancel anytime!

Note: you'll need to be pre-approved by us to qualify for this plan. If you haven't already done so, please fill out the application form on our website or get in touch with me directly at brian@rectxt.com

Signing up is super easy and we've made it self-service which means you won't require your IT department :)

Follow these steps to get texting with your candidates in minutes (for free!).

  1. Download the Chrome extension here and then sign up with your chosen username and password:

2. Click 'START PLAN' for the Unlimited Monthly box (the middle one):

. Confirm the correct plan has been selected (it should look like this) and click 'CHECK OUT'

4. Enter the promo code 'Essential2020' and click APPLY. 

This gives you 2 free months ($70 total value) and the Total will show $0.


Next enter your credit card (our authentication system uses this information to protect against spam bots) and verify that you're a human :)

5. Now you can choose a new phone number from any state in the US, or any province in Canada:

6. Now you're ready to start texting! 

Please note: if you do not cancel or downgrade your account by the end of the 2 months your credit card will be charged $35 and your membership will cotinue on a monthly basis. We will send you a reminder email in the 7th week to remind you :)

Happy texting (and stay safe)!

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