Once you sign into the Chrome extension for the first time you will be on the Starter Plan which allows you to import Candidates and organise them into Talent Pools. To start texting with Candidates we offer a free trial that gives you 100 text messages to take us for a test drive. Here's how you do it:

1) Upgrade to Pay As You Go

Click 'Upgrade to Text' on the extension which will take you to the Settings Page and then click the 'Upgrade Plan'. If you're just taking it for a free test drive, we suggest signing up for a Pay As You Go Plan. 

2) Enter Payment Details

Because you're a new customer (and we like you!) we will cover your first month's subscription ($10 value) so you'll notice the total charge for your free trial is $0. Enter your credit card info (your credit card will not be charged), enter a promo and agree to the terms, and prove you're not a robot. 

 3) Pick a Number

Time to choose the number that you'll be sending and receiving texts from. Enter an area code and choose the number that appeals to you the most.

4) Start texting

Now you're ready to start texting! We recommend that you send a text to yourself to start off.

If you need more texts you can always top up and buy more in the settings page.

What happens after the trial ends?

After your trial ends, your plan will renew and your credit card will be charged $10 per month, and then you can buy as many texts as you'll need (the text messages never expire as long as you have a Pay As You Go plan). However, if you decide that Rectxt isn't the right fit for you then simply click 'downgrade to Starter' in the Settings page before the end of the trial and your credit card will not be charged.

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